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5/25 タリスカー蒸留所からの感謝状




Dear Kohdai Nambu-san,

 Over and over, your praises are sung by the Diageo Japan Marketing team and I am once again personally compelled to write you again to say thank you for your support of Talisker.

Your great contribution to our brand does not go unnoticed, and is indeed an inspiration to all of us at the distillery.

In just 13 more short years, Talisker will celebrate its 200thanniversary- no small feat, with a turbulent past including a fire in the 1960’s were we lost everything and had to begin anew, and the ever present rough weather conditions we experience on Skye.

It is a true love that we all have for this whisky, along with the knowledge that people like yourself continue to love and help us share it with others, that inspires us to come to work every morning and make the best malt whisky that is humanly possible.

The Scotch whisky market remains a very dynamic industry with many people making contributions large and small around the globe, and I hope that you will continue to help me and my team to spread the word of our little distillery.

I have yet to visit the wonderful country of Japan, but I hope to have a chance some day and visit your lovely bar. In the meantime, please accept both my gratitude and the gratitude of all of my colleagues at the distillery as we give a big Slàinte Mhòr to Nambu-san!

With Sincere Thanks from Talisker Distillery,

Talisker Distillery Manager  Stuart Harrington and staff

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